Seminars on Demand

Spotam offers companies a variety of introductory and in-depth seminars on-site at customer’s premises and online, on demand only. The seminars focus on the knowledge domains we cover, such as the Connected Car, Telematics, ADAS, V2X, Video analytics & surveillance, and the Internet of things. We also work with our customers to create tailor-made seminars, per customer-specific needs.
Our seminars are offered in these two formats:

Below is a list of select seminars. Contact us to learn more or to get a proposal for a seminar on a specific topic.

Online Seminars

  1. IOT Introduction

    In this session the audience will get an introduction to Internet of things (IOT), reviewing prominent industries and the concepts, market structure, technologies and communication.

    Topics covered include:

    • IOT basics
    • Market review
    • Technologies review
    • Communications
    • Brief review of main areas of solutions: Connected Car, retail, remote healthcare, smart city, energy & utilities, smart home etc.)
    $ 1,450
    180 Minutes
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  2. Auto-tech Overview: Technologies and Products

    An introduction to the Connected Car, including market, product and technology perspectives.

    Topics covered include:

    • Connected Car: the basics
    • Market review, trends and challenges
    • Infotainment
    • Telematics (consumer, B2B)
    • In vehicle computing
    • Cloud & big data
    • ADAS and V2X
    • Autonomous driving
    $ 950
    120 Minutes
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  3. An Insight Into Insurance Telematics

    A review of the evolving market of insurance Telematics, the various associated approaches, value proposition, market, technologies and forthcoming trends and developments.

    Topics covered include:

    • Market review
    • Major players
    • Trends, drivers, barriers, business models
    • Technology & products
    • Driver behavior, actuary & advanced scoring methods
    • Smartphonisation
    • Claim management & claim analysis
    • Value added services
    $ 950
    120 Minutes
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  4. Vehicle Telematics: Devices & Applications

    An overview of Vehicle aftermarket Telematics and its associated applications, from the latest development of consumer solutions and towards the areas of Fleet management and other B2B applications.
    Topics covered include:

    • Telematics devices: the basics
    • Applications & solutions review
    • Devices & types of Telematics devices (FM, SVR, OBD2, Asset trackers, application specific and more)
    • Sensors as key to functionality
    • Market review, trends and players
    • Market drivers
    $ 950
    120 Minutes
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  5. Mobility As A Service

    An overview on the evolving Mobility As A Service (MAAS) model. A thorough review of new smart transportation paradigms in the automotive world.
    Topics covered include:

    • Car sharing: basics & history
    • Car sharing technology and operational challenges
    • Evolving from Car sharing into car as a service
    • Mobility As A Service (MAAS)
    • DRT – Demand Response Transportation
    • MAAS and Autonomous vehicles
    $ 700
    120 Minutes
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  6. Smartphone & infotainment applications for the Connected Car

    A lecture about application development for the Connected Car, for both infotainment and aftermarket Telematics.
    Topics covered include:

    • Infotainment and other connected vehicle platforms: general introduction.
    • Smartphone integration (MirrorLink, CarPlay, Android Auto & carLife)
    • Application for consumer Telematics
    • Remote diagnostics and OBD2 applications
    • OEM/infotainment applications
    • Remote control applications
    • Market trends and future forecasts
    $ 950
    120 Minutes
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  7. Autonomous vehicles: market disruption in the making

    An introductory seminar covering the basics of autonomous vehicle, its technologies, the expected evolution of autonomous features towards full autonomy, and a review of the expected changes in the automotive eco system:

    • Basic introduction
    • Levels of autonomous driving
    • Autonomous vehicle technologies
    • Autonomous driving & human interface
    • Current trials and vehicles
    • Roadmap towards full autonomy
    • Autonomous driving challenges
    • Market perspective and forecasts
    • New car ownership models
    • Robotaxis
    • Legislation issues and status
    • Autonomous vehicle- ethical obstacles
    150 Min
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  8. Intelligent transportation systems

    As urbanization process evolves worldwide and as the number of vehicles on the road continuously increases– solving urban transportation challenges becomes a must, specifically in order to avoid serious pollution and congestion issues in the near future. This 120 min seminar highlights the main problems cities face and reviews the developing solutions to these challenges.

    • Urbanization process: predictions and implications
    • Urban transportation challenges
    • From car sharing to Car as a service
    • Multi model transportation
    • Peer 2 peer solutions
    • Autonomous driving implications
    • Parking services
    • Traffic control planning and analysis
    • Alternative solutions
    120 Min.
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Class Seminars (Customer Premises)

  1. IOT Overview

    The seminar will offer a comprehensive picture of the IOT world and deeply cover key technologies, major communication issues, key markets, and vertical industries. It will also review technology and market trends, drivers, forecasts, and major stakeholders. The seminar will also deal with the different challenges faced by the industry with focus on current and future applications.  Relevant case studies and exercises are also included in the seminar.

    Topics covered include:

    • IOT basics
    • From M2M to IOT
    • Market structure
    • Security
    • IOT enabling technologies (Network, protocols, cellular modems, IOT platforms, GNSS & location, Power and more)
    • Communication (Cellular, LE networks, MNO challenges.)
    • IOT sectors review:
      • Connected Car & Telematics
      • Asset tracking
      • Energy & utilities
      • Smart city
      • Smart homes & buildings
      • Remote health care
      • Retail IOT
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    1-3 Days
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  2. Introduction to Auto-tech: In-Depth Review

    The seminar is a thorough review of the Connected Car world. The main focus of the seminar is a functional & a technological review of all areas of the Connected Car world. This will include vehicle internal computing systems, Infotainment, mobile applications, cloud, data analysis and short-range (V2X, DSRC) communications. The seminar will also review the Connected Car market offering its participants an understanding of the market structure and trends.
    Topics covered include:

    • Auto-Tech basics
    • Auto-Tech market review
    • Legacy vehicle Telematics
    • Car architecture, resources and car computing
    • Infotainment
    • Cloud, big data and communications
    • Connected Car applications and development
    • ADAS & V2X
    • Mobility As A Service (MAAS)
    • Autonomous Driving
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    1-2 Days
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