Spotam offers a variety of customer-specific consulting services. These services harness our executive experience, industry knowledge and network of business and technology connections to maximize your success. We offer customers tailored consultation services. You are welcome to contact us and inquire about specific consulting services required.

  1. Research Services:

    • Customized market insight – Technology or business review based on specific customer knowledge needs
    • Periodic market update – a report/briefing focused on specific market segments
    • Territory profiling – reviewing a territory in relation to specific market or product offering. Exploring all relevant aspects of conducting business in this territory.
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  2. Marketing & Strategy:

    • Strategic consultation – assisting companies in strategic decision making in a variety of ways; consulting, mentoring workshop, and analysis.
    • Business plan writing / How to prepare for approaching VCs – writing full BP including financials, building investment strategy investment presentation
    • Business plan/case verification – verifying a company or business line plan/ product launch
    • Go-To-Market planning (and assistance) –including all aspects, covering GTM principles, GTM tactics, prospects mapping, market messages.
    • Sales strategies and practical tools – defining sales strategies, tactics, and messages. Building sales tools such as presentations, demo systems and sites.
    • Startup consulting – Joining startup staff to assist with management processes
    • Strategy Reshuffle – a unique service, which involves challenging a plan, strategy, or goal a company has set. This method of approaching plans is a tool to prevent companies from operating on any misconceptions or making strategic mistakes. The service is based on the notion, that even the most structured and rational plan needs to be looked at in new eyes.
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  3. Business Development:

    • Tender submission assistance
    • Prospect mapping (in selected areas) – Identifying relevant target customers, sales points and value proposition for such customers, creating actual contacts list.
    • Channel partners mapping – Identifying relevant partners for sales distribution.
    • Technology partners mapping– Identifying technology partners for complementary products, project alliances etc.
    • M&A services – building documentation, making the connections to prospects, Identifying targets, business development opportunities and investment banking connections.
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  4. Product & Technology:

    • Product specification (in select areas) – creating a full MRD level product specs.
    • Product design verification – verifying product design or spec strategy and related items.
    • Complementary product pickup & selection – defining complementary product needs, identifying prospects, BD & selection process.
    • Product intelligence – Competitive analysis of product types on feature level, portfolio level, marketing characteristics.
    • Technology market scouting – exploring market/territory for specific technology/product/ area solutions or startups.
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