Fleet management related partnerships

For us at Spotam companies’ alliances are a good indication for their strategic approach. The nature of the partnerships a company forms and announces gives us an idea about its leaders’ business and strategic approach. The “Fleet management related partnerships” is a thorough analysis and classification review of Fleet management companies’ alliances announcements. The brief analysis focuses on fleet management related partnerships and meaningful commercial transactions. It includes a graphical analysis of the surveyed companies’ announcements.  The analysis is done with the following classifications:

• Insurance announced deals
• Fleet management announced deals
• Channel partners
• Sales
• M&As
• Unique applications
• Technology & product

Following the graphical analysis, the full list of the reviewed announcements is presented, a table for each surveyed company. Each of the tables includes a list of partnerships and commercial transactions that took place between 2015 – 2017. Information presented includes participating companies, brief explanation regarding the nature of the partnership, and a link to the official relevant press release.

Published: October 2017
Fleet & Asset Management
Fleet & Asset Management
Analysis Brief
Analysis Brief

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